QueerShidduch is a new shidduch (matchmaking) service for religious lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jews. We find matches (same-gender or opposite-gender) for religiously observant LGBT Jews. If you are LGBT, and you keep kosher and keep the laws of the Sabbath (shabbos/shabbat), or if you want to build a kosher and shomer shabbos household with your future partner, we welcome you to contact us. We work with people who consider themselves Orthodox, Hasidic, Traditional, Traditional-Egalitarian, Conservative, Shomer Mitzvot, etc. We aim to make matches that have the potential to be serious long-term relationships in which both partners will help each other grow in their Judaism. Please click on the links above to find out more.

We appreciate you helping us spread the word about our services- The only way to increase the pool of possible matches is to get more people to sign up. Our services are free of charge.

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