We wish the world was a place where it was safe to have our photographs and full names on this blog, but because it is not we will remain anonymous on this site. However, we are happy to provide personal references upon request. Here is some information about us: We are two Orthodox women in a happy and Torah-observant committed relationship.  After we had both experienced much discouragement in the dating world, and wondered if it were possible at all to find another frum Jewish woman to live a religious life with, we feel that Hashem finally guided us to each other so that we could help each other grow as human beings and as Jews. We live a joyful Jewish life and hope (im yirtzeh Hashem) to raise children to a life of Torah, chuppah and ma’asim tovim. We have a strong desire to help other people find this kind of spiritual and emotional fulfillment. We want to help spread the message that single LGBT Jews don’t need to give up on being religious or on finding partnership with another Jew. We started our shidduch service to help people enter into committed monogamous relationships in which both parties will encourage each other to grow in their Judaism.

When you are both a religious Jew and a lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT) person, dating can feel hopeless. Some people who are only attracted to the same sex end up resorting to loveless marriages where they hide their orientation from their husband or wife, which results in great suffering for all involved parties (husband, wife and children). We want to help LGBT Jews have committed, halachically observant, monogamous partnerships in which they don’t need to hide who they are.

Our main shadchan has experience making matches between straight frum (Orthodox) people and we decided to extend this skill to helping lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Jews find compatible partners. This includes same-sex and opposite-sex matches, as is appropriate to that individual’s wishes. We work only with people who identify as LGBT and people who are interested in dating someone who is LGBT.