We are a free shidduch (matchmaking) service for religiously observant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jews who are shomer shabbos and shomer kashrus OR who want to build a shomer shabbos / shomer kashrus household with their future partner. We welcome people who consider themselves Orthodox, Hasidic, Conservative, Traditional, Traditional-Egalitarian, Shomer Mitzvot, etc.

By signing up with us, you make a commitment to being honest with us about who you are and what you’re looking for, and to keeping us updated if any part of your profile changes. We get to know you through phone conversations and e-mails so we can do our best to match you. We honor your confidentiality at every step of the process. Unlike a dating website, we see you as a person rather than just a demographic profile. We will ask you a great deal of questions about everything ranging from your personality to your religious practice and outlook in order to help us get a sense of who you are and who your ideal match would be. We will check in with you personally after you go on a date with one of our matches so that we can find out how things went, get your feedback on the person you met, and find out if there is a possibility of another date. We offer truly personalized service.

Our services are free of charge. Because this is not a money-making venture or full-time job for us and our pool of potential matches isn’t as large as a traditional heterosexual shadchan, we do not take people on as clients per se. This means we are under no obligation to match you, though we will make every effort to do so. It also means it may take a while before we find an appropriate match for you. Please be patient!